Watches of the World leaders

They hold our lives in their hands and a have an awful lot of power at their fingertips, but what do they wear on their wrist?

It’s interesting to note that only two of the world leaders actually wear watches made in their own countries. French president Emmanuel Macron sometimes wears the Merci LMM-01, which of course was created in France,  whilst Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prefers the Seiko Automatic 29 Jewel SARC013 watch which was made in his native Japan.

There are seemingly two types of timepieces worn by Presidents, Prime Minsters and world leaders – the ultra expensive luxury type and the ‘I bought it at the corner shop’ discreet type. Each, we imagine, trying to make a particular statement.

Ever the businessman, President of the United States Donald Trump used some of his vast fortune to establish his own watch brand in 2005. It is no longer running. He did come under some scrutiny then for never wearing his own watches – tag line ‘finest timepieces designed’ –  but now he is often seen wearing his Donald J Trump Signature Collection TR 1050 Chronograph watch worth $10,000. He also sports a gold Rolex, – the President model no less – and a Patek Phillippe, and is not that fussy about which watch when. 

Putin is rumoured to be the owner of a rather grand watch collection worth £700,000, which includes enviable models from Patek Philippe and Blancpain.  A special edition from the Léman collection, the politician owns the stainless steel version with the date complication at 6 o’clock. At almost fifteen years old, its not an all singing all dancing new model at all, but it remains to this day one of the Russian President’s most favoured wristwatches.

IWC’s Portuguese Regulateur, like every watch, shows the time- but shows the hours, minutes and seconds on three different dials, a design technique adopted usually by things like marine chronometers or clocks in observatories. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, is often voted the most stylish politician in the world, and this being his watch attests to that statement. It’s not your average watch and  certainly take a moment to read the dial.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel wears Panerai, a  Luminor Marina PAM48. Chunky and dive proof – a nod to his previous military lifestyle maybe. 

Kim Jong-Un wears a Movado Museum. A black watch with a single gold dot at 12 o’clock made in America. His state forbids most imports, but obviously not that one…

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi, also sports Movado watches, saying how he likes the unconventional and uncluttered watch faces.

Angela Merkel definitely makes statement in her watch – its. Titanium Boccia costing less than 100 euros. A watch, the jeweller who sold it describes as ‘a watch for someone who wants to tell the time’ Indeed. 

 Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy developed a reputation as quite the watch owner during his time in office.  His favourite watch is a very {very} pricey white gold Patek Philippe. Also former French President François Hollande has more affordable tastes. He sports a Swatch Quarterman. Current President of France Macron is not one for showing any signs of great wealth – its not done to do so in France apparently – but is now and again seen wearing a simple Longines Dolce Vita, or a Merci LMM-01 – made, of course, in France.

Our own Boris Johnson is seen wearing a Patek Philippe Calatrava. Though the press like to speculate it’s merely a sekonda, or perhaps a longines – its rather hard to see. Its obvious Boris likes it to be small, sleek, anonymous, and simply tell the time. He’s certainly been wearing it for years and years, with reliability and sentiment meaning more than latest complications.

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