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Rolex Watches Are Among the Best for Resale Values

Renowned for their precision and beautiful designs, Rolex watches are among the finest when it comes to holding their value. Classic watches such as the Oyster Perpetual combine timeless elegance with advanced technology and extensive manufacturing expertise. As expected from a high-end manufacturer such as Rolex, each watch is put through a rigorous examination and testing procedure before being released. Since its earliest days, Rolex has maintained close links to the sporting and professional worlds and was the first watch to be worn by a cross-Channel swimmer. In 1926, Mercedes... Read More

Why you should be wary on holiday

We have been offered many watches over the years that have been counterfeit. Many of these watches and jewellery have been bought whilst on holiday. On holiday you are relaxed, maybe in love and maybe you have had a drink over lunch. These are the times maybe not to consider a major purchase even if the price seems very good in comparison to the UK, Unscrupulous traders know this and often pray on it. They also know that you are on a flight in a week and you will probably... Read More