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Make Extra Cash by Selling Unwanted Watches

At Christmas time and for birthdays, watches make popular gifts for men of all ages. They are often bought to celebrate to commemorate a special occasion, such as leaving or finding a new job and especially to celebrate special events such as 18th or 21st birthdays. Men also like to gift themselves with watches, maybe just as a special treat or simply because they like a particular style of watch. Watches are very often the only type of jewellery or personal adornment that men wear and as such they frequently... Read More

The True Value of Watches

In an economic crunch there is always the temptation to sell family heirlooms, hand-me-downs or even just old possessions to try and make money go a little further. With the emotional value that’s often attached to old watches often being as high as the monetary value, it’s sometimes a difficult decision if you decide to sell off your grandfather’s pocket watch. Making an informed decision over whether now is the right time to make the decision to sell your watch depends on having the right information to hand to accurately... Read More

Are your ladies wearing a valuable watch?

Watches come in all shapes and sizes and styles and values, from the cheapest fashion watches to rare and expensive designer and vintage watches. There is an active market for previously owned ladies’ watches. Since many people own more than one, selling a ladies’ watch can free up some extra money. Determine the Condition The better the condition the watch is in, the more easily it will be sold. Things that will reduce the value include knocks, scratches or dents in the case, scratches to the glass or bezel, or... Read More

Watch Technology Pushes the Boundaries

It wasn’t until the 1920s that the wristwatch really became accepted in society as a viable and desirable alternative to the pocket watch. The gradual acceptance of the concept of wearing a timepiece on the arm sprang from necessity during the First World War, when soldiers found it impractical to keep their watches in their pockets. They devised leather straps that could be used to fasten the pocket watches to their arms and so the wristwatch was born. Since those early days, watch technology has known no bounds. It has... Read More

Timekeeping Through the Ages: The History of Watches

The earliest timepieces were weight driven and, as such, were not portable. But as technology and knowledge progressed and the means of controlling the movements evolved, timepieces became smaller. With the invention of the mainspring in the 15th century, portable timepieces began to appear. One well-known craftsman of the time, Peter Henlein, is often credited with the invention of the mainspring, although some think his involvement came later. The earliest portable timekeeping devices were notoriously inaccurate, with errors of several hours per day. They were adopted by the rich and... Read More

Breitling Watches – Innovation, Precision and Reliability

With a proud history that dates back to 1884, Breitling is one of the most respected and sought-after watch brands and, as a family business, is one of the few remaining independent watch manufacturers in Switzerland. The company has many ‘firsts’ in the industry, among them the invention of the first pushpiece in a chronograph. The system was later perfected when the reset function was separated from the start/stop function, which enables a series of time intervals to be measured without resetting the hands to zero each time. The leading... Read More

Omega Watches: From Ocean Depths to Outer Space

Omega watches are known the world over for their distinctive style and quality. An elegant and prestigious watch, an Omega houses a precision timekeeper in cases that range from surgical-grade stainless steel to 18-carat gold. Since it was founded in 1848, Omega has produced watches for the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and the American army in 1918. It was also the watch chosen by NASA for the moon landing on 1969, has been the official timekeeper since 1932 of the Olympic Games and has featured in James Bond films.... Read More

Rolex Watches Are Among the Best for Resale Values

Renowned for their precision and beautiful designs, Rolex watches are among the finest when it comes to holding their value. Classic watches such as the Oyster Perpetual combine timeless elegance with advanced technology and extensive manufacturing expertise. As expected from a high-end manufacturer such as Rolex, each watch is put through a rigorous examination and testing procedure before being released. Since its earliest days, Rolex has maintained close links to the sporting and professional worlds and was the first watch to be worn by a cross-Channel swimmer. In 1926, Mercedes... Read More

Why you should be wary on holiday

We have been offered many watches over the years that have been counterfeit. Many of these watches and jewellery have been bought whilst on holiday. On holiday you are relaxed, maybe in love and maybe you have had a drink over lunch. These are the times maybe not to consider a major purchase even if the price seems very good in comparison to the UK, Unscrupulous traders know this and often pray on it. They also know that you are on a flight in a week and you will probably... Read More