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Key considerations when selling a watch online

Choose a Reputable Dealer for Your Online Watch Sale If you’re one of the many people who make the decision to ‘sell my watch’ every year, you may be wondering how to go about it and what is the best, easiest and most convenient way, as well as which is the best way to realise your watch’s true potential and get the best price. Online selling is becoming increasingly popular because everyone is time poor and every minute of the day needs to be made to count. There are, however,... Read More

How to Sell Your Watch Online

When that little voice in your head prompts you to ‘sell my watch’, it’s easy to start the process. Now is as good a time as any to put your watch up for sale and get the best price possible. For those who’ve not sold a quality watch before, the process may seem daunting or somewhat overwhelming and confusing but actually it’s very simple, especially when you choose to sell via the internet. Selling a watch online means that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own... Read More

Get the Best Resale Value for Your Watch

If you know that at some point in the future you may want to sell your watch, keeping it in top condition will ensure you get the best resale price possible. The market for pre-loved luxury watches is always best for those timepieces that have been cosseted and cared for like new-born babies. When the time comes and you’re asking yourself where to sell my watch, you’ll know your timepiece is in the best possible condition. Protect Your Watch Don’t wear it during sporting activities or at any time when... Read More

Sell Your Old Watch to Raise Cash for the New Year

If you are lucky and receive a new watch as a present at Christmas, you might consider selling your old one. Selling watches, especially highly sought-after makes such as Omega, can pave the way to a truly memorable New Year. There are several ways to sell Omega watches, ranging from bricks-and-mortar dealers that require you to visit their premises to the convenience of online watch buyers. The advantages of using an online watch buyer are many and among them are convenience and the ease of getting a quick and honest... Read More

Sell Your Rolex Watch to Realise Extra Capital

Wearing and owning a Rolex watch is, to many people, the ultimate status symbol. Far more than a mere timepiece, a Rolex watch speaks of success and wealth but also of taste, elegance and refinement. As a designer brand, Rolex is up there with the best of them. Rolex designs are among the most copied in the world. You will find fakes that sport the Rolex name in a bid to fool people and part the unwary from their money, but legitimate Rolex lookalikes pay a kind of homage to... Read More

Make Extra Cash by Selling Unwanted Watches

At Christmas time and for birthdays, watches make popular gifts for men of all ages. They are often bought to celebrate to commemorate a special occasion, such as leaving or finding a new job and especially to celebrate special events such as 18th or 21st birthdays. Men also like to gift themselves with watches, maybe just as a special treat or simply because they like a particular style of watch. Watches are very often the only type of jewellery or personal adornment that men wear and as such they frequently... Read More

The True Value of Watches

In an economic crunch there is always the temptation to sell family heirlooms, hand-me-downs or even just old possessions to try and make money go a little further. With the emotional value that’s often attached to old watches often being as high as the monetary value, it’s sometimes a difficult decision if you decide to sell off your grandfather’s pocket watch. Making an informed decision over whether now is the right time to make the decision to sell your watch depends on having the right information to hand to accurately... Read More

Are your ladies wearing a valuable watch?

Watches come in all shapes and sizes and styles and values, from the cheapest fashion watches to rare and expensive designer and vintage watches. There is an active market for previously owned ladies’ watches. Since many people own more than one, selling a ladies’ watch can free up some extra money. Determine the Condition The better the condition the watch is in, the more easily it will be sold. Things that will reduce the value include knocks, scratches or dents in the case, scratches to the glass or bezel, or... Read More

Watch Technology Pushes the Boundaries

It wasn’t until the 1920s that the wristwatch really became accepted in society as a viable and desirable alternative to the pocket watch. The gradual acceptance of the concept of wearing a timepiece on the arm sprang from necessity during the First World War, when soldiers found it impractical to keep their watches in their pockets. They devised leather straps that could be used to fasten the pocket watches to their arms and so the wristwatch was born. Since those early days, watch technology has known no bounds. It has... Read More

Timekeeping Through the Ages: The History of Watches

The earliest timepieces were weight driven and, as such, were not portable. But as technology and knowledge progressed and the means of controlling the movements evolved, timepieces became smaller. With the invention of the mainspring in the 15th century, portable timepieces began to appear. One well-known craftsman of the time, Peter Henlein, is often credited with the invention of the mainspring, although some think his involvement came later. The earliest portable timekeeping devices were notoriously inaccurate, with errors of several hours per day. They were adopted by the rich and... Read More