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Christmas Watch Quiz!

So you think you know your watches? Test your luxury watch brand knowledge with our  super tough annual quiz!   Which famous watch brand has a name that translate to mean the word ‘Porthole’? The Rado HyperChrome Automatic 1616 watch features the date where on the dial? Which company released the Pilots Timezoner watch in 2017? An amazing watch that adjusts the date, and time to whichever city name you turn the bezel to? Astronaut Scott Carpenter wore this brand aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule – perhaps not the brand... Read More

All about the Hublot…

  Hublot Watches are commanding a huge chunk of the luxury watch market now. So what do you know about the trendy timepieces? The Swiss luxury watch maker Hublot was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. Never mind their swiss/Italian roots they take their name form the French word for Porthole. They were brought out by LVMH group in 2008 adding them to the group’s large portfolio that includes TAG Heuer.  With everything from self-winding chronograph movements to super high-complication pieces and unique never-before-seen concepts, they really can claim... Read More


Luxury Watch Buying Guide

Luxury watch buying for the first time? Take a quick look at our guide here before making any big decisions. If its an everyday watch – make sure you  or the recipient can actually wear it everyday. Everyday wearing is not really the place for diamonds and delicate extras.  That means to look for features such as water resistant to 50m+ if you intend to swim with it, scratch resistant glass for those daily bumps and knocks, second time zones if you travel a lot, date and alarm features to... Read More


Cartier and the Duchess

Sounds just like a fairy story, and it is really – for all the paid ambassadors of a brand there are out there, you cannot beat an endorsement of members of the Royal family themselves picking to wear your band. Marketing money just cant buy! It seems our most recent Duchesses are rather fond of the Cartier timepieces they own.  The Duchess of Sussex  owns, and still wears, her two tone Cartier Tank Française watch, {which retails from £4,800 for the small face model} She tells the media she treated herself... Read More

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Take a look at Tudor

Launched this year and stealing the scene is the already mighty famous Pepsi Cola Black bay GMT. You’ve no doubt seen it everywhere with a its riveted steel braclet, but did you know it comes in brown leather strap with folding clasp and  a striped black fabric strap with buckle? Completely changing how the watch looks, whilst losing none of its features. Waterproof to 660 ft, and self winding with approximately 70 hours power reserve.  Several new Black Bays were also launched this year, including the fifty-eight with its slim profile... Read More

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The greatest watches of 2018?

So what has 2018 shown us watch wise? According to the media – and depending on which particular media you read – there is a very definite list of whats made the cut to be considered the best watches of 2018. We took a look at what the papers and magazines say – and put together our own list!  Rolex GMT Master II Of course Rolex is featured on every single list. And causing a stir is the new two shades of brown bi-colour bezel on the new ‘Everose gold’... Read More

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Is bigger really better?

Not that long ago as technology took off and the whole world got into super smart phones that did – and still do, everything, men got really into watches. A huge revival, and a brilliant unexpected market boost, as despite your phone being able to tell you the precise time in over 500 countries we showed we like tradition, we like classy and we love our luxury real watches.  For awhile the bigger your watch dial the better. Your wrist had to shout about it. Now however we see a swing... Read More


Hollywood Watches…

What timepieces are the great and good of Hollywood putting on their wrist?  21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch caused a stir last year when seen in the unconventional timepiece Ressence’s Type 3. The upper half of the watch is filled with an oil, giving enhanced legibility to the numerals, which themselves are on discs rotated via magnets located in the bottom half of the watch. Being that bit more ‘out there’ Ressence has quite the following in Silicon Valley as well as in Hollywood.  British Hollywood star James Corden... Read More


Watches and water…?

Has this heatwave got you rushing to cool off in the water? First of all, its important to know the difference between water- resistant and waterproof – Water–resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. Water-repellent: not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating. Waterproof: impervious to water. If in doubt- remove your watch!  Need a timepiece that can come along for the dive? Then we’ve got the timepiece that can get... Read More


Current Strap fashion

Switch to leather or canvas? According to the world of fashion  the only way to be seen wearing your watch right now is with a leather strap or a super cool canvas strap.  What do you think? Does a leather strap stand the test of time in the same way as metal? Can a canvas strap really look smart enough for all day everyday? Or is it a case of different strap for different occasions?  NATO Straps the best feature of a NATO strap is its single-piece construction; most other... Read More