Luxury Watch Buying Guide

Luxury watch buying for the first time? Take a quick look at our guide here before making any big decisions.

If its an everyday watch – make sure you  or the recipient can actually wear it everyday. Everyday wearing is not really the place for diamonds and delicate extras. 

That means to look for features such as water resistant to 50m+ if you intend to swim with it, scratch resistant glass for those daily bumps and knocks, second time zones if you travel a lot, date and alarm features to keep you on track and on time.  Pay attention to the strap material too – leather will not thank you for getting it wet everyday. 

Decide if the trends are for you. Rumour has it that bright coloured dials and straps are the ‘next big thing’  All brands from Rolex to Tissot are indeed beginning to feature more vibrant colours.  Excellent if you want to make a statement.  Of course the current trend of a blue dial shows absolutely no intention of going away and might make it easier to dress without clashing with your  jacket. And really who can go wrong with a stainless steel bracelet?

Consider your brand. Whilst you can never take away the crown from Rolex, its a well earnt king of watches status, there is a feeling that everyone owns a Rolex and its become a little passe to do so. Maybe you like the comfort and solidness behind such well known brand however maybe you don’t and want to be a little more unusual/hipster about it?  Consider brands that have definitely stood the test of time however,  if you want your watch to attain that heirloom status.


If it looks right and feels right on your wrist then generally you will have found ‘the’ right watch for you.

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