Luxury High Street Watch Brands Sales Rise. 


The news is full of the giant leaps the high street designer watch brands are making. Tommy Hilfiger uk sales increased 400% in just one week with the new placement of shop in shop sales at stores like H. Samuel. 

It is not just the top end of the high street Swiss watch market that is adopting this tactic, the same method is being increasingly used by the likes of Citizen Watch UK, Hugo Boss Seiko, Casio, Fossil and Movado. Spaces in stores are being made for each brand to tell their story and to have a better product range for each one, involving a larger space per product, rather than crowd the stores with many brands. 

Attracting younger millennial customers and running things like short movie style adverts in store are helping tell the brand stories in a much greater way.  These brands find that 70% of their sales are made in store, as opposed to online and are keen to increase their strong presence in the high streets.

This is based on the immersion techniques luxury high end brands such as Rolex, Omega and such like have always used in their single brand stores. Showing a persistent trend in how the consumer likes to feel involved with the brand and know the story behind them.


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