Christmas Watch Quiz!

So you think you know your watches?

Test your luxury watch brand knowledge with our  super tough annual quiz!


Which famous watch brand has a name that translate to mean the word ‘Porthole’?

The Rado HyperChrome Automatic 1616 watch features the date where on the dial?

Which company released the Pilots Timezoner watch in 2017? An amazing watch that adjusts the date, and time to whichever city name you turn the bezel to?

Astronaut Scott Carpenter wore this brand aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule – perhaps not the brand you first think.

Back in 1903, this brand was called Louis Brandt & Frere. The company is now named after their most successful watch movement – so who is it?

Which incredibly popular Swiss watchmaker was founded as recently as 1980 by an Italian?

Their logo is based on the ornate Calatrava Cross, and sometimes has a double initial P along with it. Which brand?

Underlining the name of this brand is a winged hourglass. Most people glance and assume it is a bird, but its a tiny simplified sand timer with large feathered wings. Who is this?



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