Christmas watch quiz answers…

How did you do?

1-Which famous watch brand has a name that translate to mean the word ‘Porthole’


2 -The Rado HyperChrome Automatic 1616 watch features the date where on the dial?

 – Vertically at the bottom/on number 6

3-Which company released the Pilots Timezoner watch in 2017? An amazing watch that adjusts the date, and time to whichever city name you turn the bezel to?


4-Astronaut Scott Carpenter wore this brand aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule – perhaps not the brand you first think.

 –Breitling Cosmonaute Navitimer

5-Back in 1903, this brand was called Louis Brandt & Frere. The company is now named after their most successful watch movement – so who is it?

— Omega. 

6-Which incredibly popular Swiss watchmaker was founded as recently as 1980 by an Italian?

— Hublot.

7-Their logo is based on the ornate Calatrava Cross, and sometimes has a double initial P along with it.

Patek Philippe

8-Underlining the name of this brand is a winged hourglass. Most people glance and assume its a bird, but its a tiny simplified sand timer with large feathered wings.


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