Christmas watch quiz answers…

How did you do? 1-Which famous watch brand has a name that translate to mean the word ‘Porthole’ Hublot  2 -The Rado HyperChrome Automatic 1616 watch features the date where on the dial?  – Vertically at the bottom/on number 6 3-Which company released the Pilots Timezoner watch in 2017? An amazing watch that adjusts the date, and time to whichever city name you turn the bezel to? IWC 4-Astronaut Scott Carpenter wore this brand aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule – perhaps not the brand you first think.  –Breitling Cosmonaute Navitimer... Read More

All about the Hublot…

  Hublot Watches are commanding a huge chunk of the luxury watch market now. So what do you know about the trendy timepieces? The Swiss luxury watch maker Hublot was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. Never mind their swiss/Italian roots they take their name form the French word for Porthole. They were brought out by LVMH group in 2008 adding them to the group’s large portfolio that includes TAG Heuer.  With everything from self-winding chronograph movements to super high-complication pieces and unique never-before-seen concepts, they really can claim... Read More


Current Strap fashion

Switch to leather or canvas? According to the world of fashion  the only way to be seen wearing your watch right now is with a leather strap or a super cool canvas strap.  What do you think? Does a leather strap stand the test of time in the same way as metal? Can a canvas strap really look smart enough for all day everyday? Or is it a case of different strap for different occasions?  NATO Straps the best feature of a NATO strap is its single-piece construction; most other... Read More

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big faces…

One of the latest trends seen across the watch world is the success of the larger watch case sizes – such as the 46mm, the 45.5mm  and the 45mm. What do you think? Is bigger better? Its certainly good looking – take a look at the larger timepieces we have in stock…         Check out all the larger case watches here.        

Watch Buyers Newsletter September 2016

  Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter, and thank you so much for subscribing.   We are based in Southampton and you are always welcome to arrange a visit to call in and see our stock, ask our advice, or gather our opinion on buying or selling your watch. You can contact our office direct, via phone or email. If you are not any where near the english south coast, don’t worry – all our business is online too. You can get a no obligation quote from us at any time. If you... Read More

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Watch terms M – W

Whether you want to know exactly how to describe that part of your watch, or what on earth the sales brochure means, we have gathered together a summary of the most popular watch terms to give you a helping hand; M – Mainplate. Also called a base plate, simply the primary piece of metal all other parts are mounted on. Main spring. Just like its name suggests, the spring is indeed the main spring giving power to the drive the gears of the watch. Mechanical movement A watch that runs without any electrical... Read More