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Complications A – Z

  Lets start at the very beginning, with a brief look at the main functions your luxury watch might have.  Such functions are called complications – and its no pun intended as they do indeed make your watch rather complicated. The functions themselves are often partially hidden, work without your input and often come without instructions!  Impress your friends, and wow yourself, with the knowledge of what each one does, and is for; A Alarm. Of course, you are familiar with the alarm function. Setting it to predetermined time to... Read More


Complications – the Moon Phase

The complication on a watch that reads the position of the moon in its phase of waxing and waning is the Moon Phase Complication. And an actual moon phase – that is from full moon to full moon-  is 29.5 days. Or to be exact 29.5 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. Behind the dial of a typical moonphase watch is a disc with two identical moons on it. Completing a cycle every 29.5 days with the waxing and waning face of the moon accounted for by the curved... Read More


All the best bells and whistles…

One of the most complicated watch complications to produce, a minute repeater, and the even more sophisticated chiming feature, transforms your watch from a timepiece to a timekeeping musical box. Here we take a look at some of the best. A. Lange & Sohne have the ‘Zeitwerk Striking Time’ collection. One of the latest is rose gold, with a silver dial incorporating the wonderful jumping numerals display. Cleverly integrating the chiming mechanism into the the dial design, with steel hammers located on either side of the six o’clock subdial. With... Read More


Complicated Complications.

Any function on a watch is called a complication. The more a watch does, other than tell you the time, the more ‘complications’ it is said to have. Useful complications are features such as alarm, chronograph, day and date, a second timezone – these are practical things you might find very useful in everyday life. However there are plenty of interesting complications, some of which have absolutely no use in the day to day world. Ironically these complications can indeed be extremely complicated. Just to keep you on your toes,... Read More