All about the Hublot…


Hublot Watches are commanding a huge chunk of the luxury watch market now. So what do you know about the trendy timepieces?

The Swiss luxury watch maker Hublot was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. Never mind their swiss/Italian roots they take their name form the French word for Porthole.

They were brought out by LVMH group in 2008 adding them to the group’s large portfolio that includes TAG Heuer. 

With everything from self-winding chronograph movements to super high-complication pieces and unique never-before-seen concepts, they really can claim to have reinvented the art of watchmaking.  Using both centuries old  traditional skills and 21st century science they are known for the extravagant designs and eclectic choice of materials.

Did you know – the very first natural rubber strap was Hublot, taking three years in design and research to perfect. Though it might seem strange, the combination of gold and natural rubber turned out to be a bestseller.

Currently causing a stir with their rather funky UEFA Champions League official watches,

they really do have something for everyone. Their world reknown Big Bang now available in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices -15,000 to £35,000, with the Tourbillion power reserve five days hitting the £157,000 mark.



Their ambassadors include film star Jet Li, worlds fastest man Usain Bolt, Diego Maradona, Cricketer Rohit Sharma, the deceased Aryton Senna and his family, and Bernie Ecclestone. After being mugged by four men for his Hublot,  Bernie worked with Hublot to produce an ad campaign with the brave tag line  “see what people will do for a Hublot’. Striking and shocking, whether you think it was advertising gone too far, it certainly worked and got people talking…

The letter H is their logo, they tell us that the wavy cross bar of the H symbolises the joining of old traditions and new futuristic science. Its a rather subtle logo and yet very easily recognised.

You can of course find a variety of Hublot on our store page, a sample of which is shown below -please click images for further details on each timepiece.




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